For too long, people in NSMS have had to pay serious money on several streaming services in 2019. Today, you will learn why there should only be one streaming service.

Why are new services coming out when we have CBS All Access, Disney, ESPN+, HBO, and more? We spend too much money on streaming services. When some companies rake in almost 1 billion dollars per year for some bigger companies, like Netflix, Hulu, and AppleTV. From the research I have found, the average customer watches most streaming services on top of cable, which according to my calculations, spending your money on 4 streaming services plus cable adds up to $74.96 a month which could lead to dropping other things to be able to pay the bill on an overpriced streaming service you barely know about. Just so several companies can have even more money. Instead of TV channels, we pay for streaming services like Disney+, even though Disney already had Disney Channel, Disney XD, Disney Junior, Disney Cinemagic, Disney Cinema, Hungama, Dlife and Radio. So why did they need to make Disney+ if they already had all that other stuff?

For example, who knows about the people that run Netflix, you usually just think about the shows you can watch. For example, when Netflix put out controversial movies, or when Gypsy Blanchard and her family might have taken legal action against the creators of Hulu’s show ‘The Act’. From this research, I have found that these creators are not the greatest kinds of people. You wouldn’t support people that are constantly doing controversial things, so we went around to gather information with the question, “Do you think paying for several streaming services is annoying?” Our first interviewee “Giuliani Ferrari”

Giuliani Ferrari said that, “I personally only watch Netflix, but I had to pay for Hulu and all the other ones, so yes, I do think it is kind of annoying for having to pay for things I don’t like or watch.”

Showing some students to think to pay for these services is annoying.

Our next interviewee, Oliver Schweiger, said:“ With so many streaming services around, you can’t decide which to choose. So many of them have such different types of shows, with such different prices. Some networks have exclusive shows, so you need to get multiple to get all the shows you want.” Showing it angers a lot of students around the school even people in different grades do.

Our last interviewee,  Paul Hart, said: “I think that some are necessary, some are not like Netflix and Hulu they are the same thing, some services like crunchy roll and twitch are only for one thing, for example, crunchy roll streams anime. No other services do that which means they have a purpose of being there”. Showing people have different opinions on the topic still agree that spending money on things they don’t need is annoying.

A lot of people in  North Shore Middle School believe that paying for more than they need to on streaming services is annoying and repetitive. Everyone who is reading this please remember to think before you purchase, it could save you a lot of money. 


Photo credit: The Daily Dot


  1. This article can’t be more ridiculous. You can’t assume that just because someone is controversial that they are all of a sudden a bad person. Netflix, Hulu, and Disney Plus are revolutionizing the TV show world. These streaming services are making it so that people can watch high quality TV anywhere and at any time. I’m fine cutting out 10$ a month to enjoy the TV shows and movies that I like to watch.


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