Movies, people love them. They are wonderful pieces of art designed to make money and make people happy. But, some movies never reach the top charts that the “Classic,” or “Critically Acclaimed,” movies did. Many of the small movies, which are underrated, have no reason to be underrated besides they have a low budget, or they haven’t reached “Classic” level plot, or CGI.

 A success story from the low budget film area is The Blair Witch Project. The Blair Witch Project was a “Found Footage,” type of film, where footage from the people in the film was recovered, and the movie is real, just in the big theaters. The Blair Witch Project had a $60,000 dollar budget, but earned $248,600,000 dollars, 4143 times as much as its budget. Many of these types of films that have a significantly higher budget than this film, with a plot that could possibly happen, don’t earn as much as they should, or get enough attention. 

Take, for example, the movie Apollo 18, which takes place after the actual 17 Apollo missions as a secret, unknown-to-the-public mission for military reasons. In reality, the crew of Apollo 18 end up trapped on the moon with a type of hostile alien that looks like a crab but is actually moon rocks. The team tries to rush off, but, they all end up dying. The movie had a semi-realistic plot because it could have happened, and, well, we all know the government hides things from us. But the movie didn’t receive enough attention, and it only received a 5.2/10 rating on IMDB, while things like The Blair Witch Project received a slightly higher 6.2/10 rating.

A more recent example of a failed “found footage” film would be the movie Underwater, which, surprisingly, got almost as high of a rating as The Blair Witch Project at an IMDB rating of 6.1/10. Underwater takes place, well, underwater, in the Marianas Trench to be exact. The movie has a small gang that survives a pressure breach in their facility’s hull, and they have to get to available escape pods across the ocean floor in pressure suits with creatures chasing them. The movie has a deeper meaning to it, unlike Apollo 18, where it had no real meaning besides: there are aliens out there.

In the end, many films that have a low budget don’t get enough credit as they should get. Just because a film doesn’t have a good budget and feels unrealistic doesn’t mean you shouldn’t watch it. Now go, watch some movies.

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