Sssssssssssss Have you ever gone skiing? Do you want to try skiing? If you haven’t skied you should come because it is fun. Skiing is a fun sport. You can ski with friends and family. You ski on mountains and go slow or fast. I love to go skiing, and I think it is the most exciting sport!¬†

One reason why skiing is a good sport to try is that you can ski on big and small trails. For example, a big trail is high and harder. A small trail is lower and easier. You are able to choose a trail you feel comfortable on. Another reason is that you can ski all day long. Sometimes the manager keeps it open, but it is usually just on weekends. However, you should never go skiing at night. It is dangerous because you cannot see.

The final reason is that you can sit in the lodge, drink hot cocoa, and stay warm. Also there are video games and a dance place. It is really fun!

So when this weekend comes, go to Hunter and you can learn how to ski!

Photo credit: NYSkiBlog


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