Chapter 15: WHYYY

Now Jack was really regretting letting Angelika go. He needed her confidence, her spirit, her intelligence, her everything.

“Where’s the girl?” Sadie growled.

“Not here,” Jack said, trying his hardest to keep his voice steady and to prevent him from crying.

“Meh,” said Sadie. “I didn’t really need her anyway. Just you.”

“Why me?” asked Jack.

Sadie scoffed. “‘Why me?’ You’re the one who turned against my people.”

“For my own survival,” Jack tried to say, but Sadie cut him off.

“You’re the one who formed that little army-” Army? Jack thought “-and you’re the only non-infected group that even got this far.”

“Wait. So this has happened before?”

“Of course not,” Sadie snapped, trying to cover up what she just said. “But anyway-”

“What’s so important about the infected? It’s just controlling.”

“Exactly. Just control and power- the key ingredient for a perfect civilization.”

“What are we, a recipe?” Jack muttered under his breath.

“I hate people who break their promises. Especially when they know what they’re doing.”


“Hello…” A voice echoed around them and a translucent ghost floated into the room. “Mistress Sadie, who shall this be?” the spirit asked, looking at Jack straight in the eyes and swirling around him like a snake.

“Savannah, what news do you bring?” Sadie asked, then seeing the look on Jack’s face, she added, “Oh, allow me to introduce you to my ghost assistant. Jack, this is Savannah. Savannah, this is Jack Lanturno, a not-yet-infected human who I’m about to kill.” A smirk crossed Sadie’s face.

For the millionth time, Jack wished Angelika was with him.

“Pity you aren’t affected,” Sadie sighed. “Then I would have complete power over you…”

Angelika, Jack thought desperately, where are you? He hoped with all his might that she hadn’t gotten hurt (or worse, died, but Jack tried not to think about that) while escaping. Heck, he’d even settle for Nyx and Jason. “What are you going to do to me?” Jack asked.

Sadie sighed so loudly that it was annoying. “Isn’t it obvious?” She nocked an arrow and pulled it back as far as she could.

“Oh great,” said Jack sarcastically. “I’m about to die at the hands of an all-powerful fourteen-year-old goddess.”

“Exactly,” Sadie said. Her gray eyes were so similar to Angelika’s. The only difference was that Sadie’s eyes were harsh, cold, and full of hate. Angelika’s eyes were warm and bright, and even though they had a determined look in them, they were comforting. Jack tried not to think of that. Thinking about Angelika was painful.

Sadie stared determinedly at the spot her arrow was going to strike. “I hope you’ve lived a good life,” she said softly. “It would be a shame if you didn’t.”

Jack closed his eyes and braced himself for the pain.

Chapter 16: Rescued

Fortunately, the pain never came.

Right after Jack shut his eyes, the temperature dropped about forty degrees. Then a CRASH.

Jack opened his left eye.

Sadie yelled, “CURSE YOU!!!”

Someone screamed “YAH!!!!!!!!!!” Was it Jason? Jack stopped thinking about that. Thinking about Jason was painful.

Then, “DIE!!!!!!!!!!” Nyx? Jack stopped himself again. Thinking about Nyx was painful.

Jack carefully opened his other eye.

He wasn’t prepared for what he saw.

The stone walls were ice again- not cold and nervous ice like Angelika had made before their escape, but clear, beautiful ice that (obviously) Angelika had made.

Speaking of Angelika, she jumped down from a gigantic hole in the ceiling that let sunlight through. She froze all of Sadie’s arrows and her bow. Angelika’s eyes had a light of confidence and purpose in them. Sadie screamed in rage.

“Jack, you okay?” Angelika yelled.

“No!” Sadie screamed. “His soul is shattered. He will never be the same again!!!”

“Ignore her!” Jack hollered. “I’m fine!” I hope, Jack thought, be he didn’t say that out loud.

Nyx ran up to Sadie and pressed the point of her sword at Sadie’s throat. “Angelika told us everything. How could you wreak havoc on the most amazing world as we know it?”

“The world is most definitely not amazing,” Sadie growled. “It is utterly horrible.” Then she yelled, “SNOW! SILVER!” Sadie smiled a wicked smile an put her hand on the blade of Nyx’s sword. The sword crumbled to dust.

“That was my favorite sword!” Nyx cried.

“That was your only sword,” Jason corrected.

Angelika and Jack locked eyes. Angelika’s expression read, Oh great. 

“What did she mean by ‘snow’ and ‘silver’?” Jason asked.

Jack gulped and forced himself to look away from Angelika. “Snow is her pet tiger, and Silver is her pet-”

Then a deafening CRASH came from one of the walls. Snow and Silver growled.

Nyx screamed. Angelika groaned. Jason yelled, “WHAT DA-”

“-wolf,” finished Jack casually.

Nyx sighed. “I would totally stab them with my sword, but this witch-” she motioned to Sadie “-disintegrated it.”

Angelika smirked. “No hay problema.” She sent two rays of ice towards each animal. Snow and Silver were now ice statues.

“Pretty,” Jack, Nyx, and Jason commented.

“NOOOOO!!!” Sadie wailed. “How DARE you?!!” She looked furious.

Jack lazily sent a bolt of lightning towards Sadie. As soon as it touched her, an electrical shock ran through her body. When it passed, she collapsed on the floor, her whole body smoking.

Angelika glanced at Jack. “Um-”

“She’ll be back to normal by tomorrow.”

“We should run,” Nyx suggested quickly. “Like run far.”

“Don’t have the energy to,” said Jason.

“How did we even get here again?” Jack asked Angelika.

“A chariot pulled by two giant cats,” Angelika answered immediately.

“Right. So… who here is a cat lover?” Nyx asked.

Chapter 17: Cats

“Where is her chariot?” Jason asked, looking around.

“I dunno,” said Nyx.

“You guys are blind,” Angelika chided. “It’s right there.” She pointed at two giant cats that were roped to a silver chariot.

As they walked towards the giant chariot, Jason started sneezing with each step he took. “ACHOO! Did I mention that- ACHOO! I’m allergic to cats? ACHOO!”

“Oops,” Nyx said. “Sorry about that bro. Would you rather stay here with Sadie or deal with cats?”

“Never mind,” Jason wheezed.

The cats growled more and more as they got closer. “Well, this might be a downside,” said Angelika.

Suddenly Jack heard a whistling sound. The silver arrow stabbed Angelika’s back as soon as Jack turned around.

“Ouch. Help?” Angelika breathed weakly before she hit the floor.

“She’s breathing,” Nyx said after she knelt to the floor next to Angelika’s still form. “And I know CPR,” she added as Jack opened his mouth to say something.

“Good,” said Jack. He balled his hands into fists. “I’m gonna rip out Sadie’s ribcage and use it as a xylophone.”



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