You would probably agree with me when I say that parents want to make you think that video games are bad for you and that they’ll turn your brain to mush, but it’s pretty much the complete opposite. I interviewed some kids and this is what they said. Liam (7th grade) says that he actually “wrote an essay on this topic and there are many different benefits to playing video games.” Paul (6th grade) also says that “there could be a lot of chances to make friends from all around the world and socialize.” 

Introverts prefer to be alone or play video games and when playing a video game, they could make a friend, which could be hard to do if you are locked in your room instead of being outside and talking to people. 

PsycNET says that video games power all of the main parts of the brain. Cognitive, Social, Emotional, and Motivational are advanced by video games. Puzzle games power Cognitive, Story games can influence Emotional parts of the brain, online games Power Social and action games can empower Motivational areas of the brain. Quizlet and Kahoot can help kids study for tests or just help with learning in a fun way. Creative games like Minecraft let you express yourself by building whatever your heart desires.

Now, a lot of people say that being on a screen all day isn’t not good for you, which is true. If you sit in front of a screen for six hours a day you will probably need glasses. You should only play for about one to two hours a day but if you have a lot of free time you could play longer, as long as you are not playing for five and a half hours a day. 

Yes, you should do your chores and do homework before getting on, but if you had a really stressful day, treat yourself to the good before piling the bad on top of the huge pile of horrible things you have to deal with. Playing video games can also release stress. For example, Minecraft could let you build peacefully in creative mode. Nothing beats sitting down, relaxing, and building your dream house.


Photo credit: Gaming with Pops



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