Chapter 18: Rage

“Okay, Jack,” said Jason. “Don’t actually rip Sadie’s guts out, unless you want me to puke on you.”

“Fine,” Jack grumbled grudgingly. “But I would if you let me.”

“Ow. Owch. Ouch.” Angelika stirred lightly.

“Thank goodness,” Nyx sighed. “She’s alive. Now listen, Kay. I’m going to poke you once, so stay still.”

“Okay,” Angelika whispered.

Nyx pulled the arrow out.

“Ow,” Angelika breathed, then passed out.

Nyx put a Despicable Me Band-Aid on the wound.

“Be right back,” Jack told the others. Before Nyx or Jason could say anything, Jack ran to Sadie’s castle and climbed the ruins. He stood before Sadie’s infected army. “Time to die,” said Jack with a small smile. The rest of the moment was a blur, electricity here, machine guns there. Finally, he stepped towards Sadie, raised the blade over her head, and froze. No matter how evil she was, Jack couldn’t bring himself to kill her.

“Jack!” called a familiar voice.

Jack turned around and lowered the blade (though he was careful not to drop it on Sadie’s head). “Hey,” he said breathlessly.

“D’you want me to take care of this part?” Angelika asked.

“Sure,” he said.

They both turned around.

Sadie was gone.

Angelika shrieked, “WHERE IN THE WORLD-”

“-is Carmen Sandiego,” Jack finished.

Angelika glared at him. “We are not focusing on that right now!”

“Someone’s bitter,” Jack muttered, rolling his eyes.

Then a cold thought occurred to him. It started in his mind and ran down his spine to go down to his toes. “Oh, great,” he murmured.

“What?” Angelika asked.

“It’s not over,” Jack whispered.

“Once we find Sadie and turn her into an ice statue, then it’ll be over,” Angelika stated coldly.

“No,” Jack told her. “There’s one more thing we have to do.”

“And what is that?” Nyx asked. She and Jason were standing at the base of the ruins. 

Then Angelika gasped as if she had suddenly read his mind. Her eyes grew wide. “You don’t mean-” 

Jack nodded grimly. “We have to go into space and destroy that satellite.”

Chapter 19: Speed Demon

Nyx sighed. “It’s always something like that. We think we save the world, but then guess what? It turns out that we need to travel into space and destroy some satellite.”

Jack shrugged. “Well, it’s true.”

Jason scoffed. “How are we even going to get there?” 

“I can try to build something,” said Angelika with a shrug.

“And how do you know it’s going to work?” Jason asked her.

“I don’t,” Angelika replied, “but it’s worth a try.” 

“Let’s NARUTO RUN!” Jack said excitedly. 

“What? That wouldn’t work. It only works in movies,” Nyx said. 

“Or does it?” said Jack with a smile. He started to Naruto run around the group slowly picking up speed until- 

ZOOOOOOOM. He sped by in a blur of purple energy.

“You gotta be kidding me,” said Nyx, slapping her forehead.

Under her breath, Angelika muttered something that sounded like “Boys.”

“Guys, I just saw the Eiffel Tower,” said Jack. “Isn’t that awesome?! I am NARUTO!!!!!!” he bellowed. He looked at Angelika.

Angelika slapped her forehead. 

“I’m going to- ACHOO! Give you guys- ACHOO! An actual idea,” Jason said, “We can try to- ACHOO! Make a rocket ship or something.”

“How?” Nyx rolled her eyes. “We can’t make it.”

“But she can,” Jason said pointing to Angelika.

“Um. How?” Angelika asked.

“With your magical ice powers,” Jason answered, “Queen Elsa.” 

“Of San Diego,” Nyx added with a smile. 

“Love that title. So… I make a rocket ship made of ice?” Angelika asked.

“Could work,” Jack said shrugging. 

“I could try,” Angelika said.

“Just for the record,” Nyx said, “I don’t think this is gonna work.”

Angelika shrugged. “Isn’t that what makes life more exciting?”



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