The United States of America; home of the brave, the land of the free, standing for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. These are all ideals that America stands for. But does it really?


America is the capitalist capital of the world, meaning that nothing is free. Especially for those who need it to be. Every single western country in Europe has gained universal healthcare, along with free college, and civilized living standards. Here in America, that’s not the case. The average cost of a doctor’s visit would be $300-$600 without any healthcare, and even with private healthcare, out-of-pocket fees still have such a high cost in some larger procedures. Sometimes, medical procedures cost so much money that they will not pay for it, leaving the patient to hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical fees, sometimes even being double the average wage of an American Working Class man makes in a year. The scarier fact is that these poor citizens can’t even make close to the max that they should because of such a high cost of tuition across America. Even when citizens can afford the tuition, they will have student loan debt for their entire lives, with about $382 dollars a month from their already low minimum wage paychecks, a measly $7.25 an hour, which totals up to about $1160 sounds like a lot of money, but it isn’t. Just for housing alone, a good chunk of that paycheck is torn away. With the student debt and insurance costs added in, the citizens have close to nothing for food and the bare necessities. The fact that if someone, especially the lower classes, gets something as much as a paper cut and it gets infected, can go broke for life is sad.


During the course of human events in the United States of America, the prison population has grown and grown across the years, with the treatments getting less and less ethical. U.S. prisons house about 50% of the world’s inmates, which is about 2.3 million people inside these prisons. Inside prisons, prisoners are also executed with some very unethical ways. Inside American prisons, there exists “the hole”, or solitary confinement, which is where “Bad prisoners” are thrown in away from any other human contact for sometimes months on end. This simply is unethical as it destroys the mental state of prisoners. Even when people are released from prison, they can’t land a job and will likely land back into prison for about 76.6% of the time, which is scary.


Most people in the U.S who are depressed can’t afford medication to stop depression, and will likely end up inside of “insane asylums”, where many will not come out forever because of chronic depression that couldn’t be treated because they don’t have free-health-care. It gets worse for them if they do get out, as they are even more depressed because they lost a home, and likely can’t land a job for being inside an “insane asylum”. Free health care, it’s a solution.


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