Chapter 20: Sorcery (not really)

A while later, Nyx asked herself, “Why did this work?”

The four of them, breathless, had at least achieved something. They didn’t build a rocket, but they had made some interesting ice bubbles that allowed the person inside to breathe. Even more, the person inside could use their powers. And as a plus, Angelika had tracked down Sadie and turned her into an ice statue. “Now she’s stuck like that for a long time,” Angelika had grumbled. “And I put an even more powerful enchantment on her this time, so she can’t break out of it.”

“Hopefully,” Jack had added.

At that point, Angelika slapped him.

Back to normal, he thought.

Angelika had made the structure of the bubble and Nyx had done some weird magical stuff with the unlimited oxygen supply, the ability to communicate with the others, the power usage, and the endless snack supply complete with Doritos, Cheetos, and Tostitos. (Jason insisted that there had to be a snack supply.)

Angelika wiped the sweat off her forehead. “God, that was exhausting.”

“Exhausting?” Jack asked. “You honestly haven’t been working on this for that long.”

“Feels long,” Angelika mumbled.

“Time doesn’t matter,” said an optimistic Jason. “We did it, okay? Now let’s get into space-”

“-and murder that satellite,” said Nyx darkly.


“This is really weird,” Angelika admitted as they flew into space in ice bubbles.

“Having your hair frozen is even weirder,” Jack mumbled.

“Hey, you told me to do it,” Angelika protested.

There was silence for a while.

Then Nyx said, “The sky’s getting darker! So either time sped up and it’s 8:00 already or we’re heading into space!”

“Let’s assume it’s the heading-into-space option,” yelled Jason.

Going into space was a weird experience. Jack couldn’t find the right words to describe it. When it was finally over, Jack said, “Wow… that was weird.” 

“Not weird,” Angelika said. “I just… I can’t find the mot juste.”

Before either Jack or Jason could say anything, Nyx asked, “Guys? I think I found the satellite.”

Chapter 21: Explosion

The satellite looked nothing like a satellite. Jack couldn’t understand how people called it a satellite. It looked like a little green blob floating in space. 

“How the heck is that a satellite?” Angelika asked as if reading Jack’s mind.

“I know, right?” said Nyx and Jason at the same time.

“Twin telepathy,” Jack muttered.

Nyx started, “Yeah, Jason and I have this thing where we finish each other’s-”

“-sentences,” Jason finished.

Nyx glared at Jason. “Don’t interrupt me, nimrod.”

“So how are we supposed to destroy the satellite?” Jack said quickly.

“You freeze it,” replied Angelika immediately.

“You chop it into billions of tiny pieces,” Nyx suggested.

“You bounce on it with your bubble,” Jason advised.

“I was thinking to electrocute.” Jack shrugged.

Angelika sighed. “We all want to use our own powers.”

“So just use ‘em all at the same time,” Jack, Jason, Nyx, and Angelika said at the same time.

One second’s silence. 

Jason laughed. “Wow. It’s like we all read each other’s minds.”

“So it’s settled?” Nyx confirmed. “We’re all using our powers at the same time?” 

“Yup,” Angelika said. 


Random noises would’ve filled space if there were sound waves in space. But no matter what they did, nothing worked. For some reason, the blob kept changing shape. 





Chicken nugget.

Harry Potter.

Carmen Sandiego. 

The list was endless.

Nyx stabbed the blob with her new-and-improved ice sword that Angelika had made for her. The sword was also supercharged with electricity, thanks to Jack. The blob changed into a bowl of potato soup. Yum, Jack thought.

“Nothing’s working!” Jason yelled as he bounced on the blob. 

“We know that!” Nyx shouted. 

Jack’s eyes watered from the large amount of magic he was using. He sent a bolt of white-hot lightning at the blob. The blob changed into the Deathly Hallows symbol.

After he saw that, he looked over at Angelika. A tear ran down her cheek. Well, at least it looked like it. What he knew for sure was that her ice bubble was slowly fogging up with frost- maybe because of all the energy she was using up. 

Then, all at the same time, Angelika froze the blob. Jack sent another bolt of purple electricity at it. Nyx stabbed the blob as hard as she could. And Jason bounced off of the blob. 

Good news: When Angelika unfroze the blob, it finally exploded. 

Bad news: It exploded.

The blob burst with a force so powerful that everyone’s ice bubble shattered. Jack’s eyesight went fuzzy. He saw some kind of translucent golden barrier protecting him, and then the world went dark. 

Chapter 22: Back to Normal (hopefully)

Jack woke to buzzing and someone yelling at him. “Wha-” he mumbled.

“Kid!” a voice yelled. “Get off the jungle gym! You wanna be run over by a bulldozer?”

Jack rubbed his eyes. “No,” he said. Then he saw Angelika sleeping next to him. “Angelika,” he whispered. “Get up, unless you want to be run over by a bulldozer.”

Angelika’s eyes slowly opened. “What?” she murmured. “Jack, are you okay?”

“I’m fine,” Jack said. “I think they’re repairing the jungle gym.”

“Are you serious?” Angelika asked him. Her eyes shimmered brighter than a thousand stars.

“Kid!” the voice yelled louder. “GET OFF THE JUNGLE GYM!”

“Yeah, let’s get off now,” Angelika said quickly. The two of them hopped off the jungle gym and started walking away. 

As soon as they were out of earshot from all the noise, Angelika said in a quiet voice, “Oh. My. God. We actually did it?” 

“Yes we did,” said Jack, trying to keep the excitement out of his voice.

Angelika screamed and threw her arms around Jack. “OH MY GOD!” she shrieked.

“I know,” said Jack, gasping for breath. “I can’t believe we did it either.”

Angelika looked around. “I feel like there should be a trophy or something.”

“Eh,” said Jack. “Where’s Nyx and Jason?”

“Hopefully, they’re where they want to be.” Angelika punched Jack’s arm. “And you promised me-”

“The movie,” Jack said. “I know…”


It was quiet in the theater, except for the speakers blasting the dialogue so that everyone could hear. Then Angelika covered her hand over Jack’s. “Let’s hope we have a normal life now,” she whispered softly.

Jack squeezed her palm. “Yeah,” he replied quietly. “Let’s hope…”


A girl climbed out of the rubble of a castle. She had debris clinging to her dark brown hair. Two animals trotted up to her. A white tiger started nuzzling her. A wolf started licking the dust off her face. She stood up. Her silver glowing dress was no longer glowing, and it was in tatters. 

“This isn’t over,” she said with a wicked smile as she gazed at Sanjay Middle School. “It has only begun.”

THE END (for now)


Author’s note:

Like I said in the first article, this book was really fun to write. Publishing this took about four months, but I hope it was worth it. There are two more books in the series (book three is still in progress) and the second one: Earth on the Brink, Book Two: Danger Zone is finished. I personally think the first one is better than the second one, but it’s still good. Please comment below if you want Danger Zone published! You can also fill out this Google Form right here.



  1. Joanaaaaaaa! This book is soooooooo good you need to release the other one. I started reading it and finished reading it in a day and I’m so glad that I didn’t have the agony of getting stuck on a cliffhanger. POST THE SECOND BOOK!


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