As you probably know, the North Shore Masquers performed Frozen Jr on February 7 and 8. I saw it on Saturday night, and I was amazed at how mind-blowing the show was. During the play, the story and the relationship between Anna (Norah Davison)and Elsa (Grace Miller) was vividly illustrated.

We all know the story- two sisters Anna and Elsa (Young Anna is played by Ava Maffei, Young Elsa is played by Giuliana Zaccagnino, Middle Anna is played by Violet Ganzekaufer, Middle Elsa is played by Alison Friedman)- Elsa born with magical ice powers- are separated early on in their lives. Throughout their childhood, Anna tries endlessly to get Elsa to come out of her room, but fails every time. Elsa and Anna’s parents pass away while on a journey at sea. Nevertheless, Anna is persistent. When they are adults, Elsa reveals her powers to the outside world and flees Arendelle, creating an eternal winter. Anna goes on a quest to find her, leaving Prince Hans of the Southern Isles (Henry Spina) in charge of the kingdom. Along the way, Anna meets Kristoff (Josef Winter), Sven (Rachel Ilberg) and Olaf (Mollie Regan) who become allies and help Anna on her journey. When the two sisters meet again, Elsa rages and freezes Anna’s heart. Elsa eventually gets captured by Hans, and as Hans is about to kill her, Anna sacrifices herself and freezes into an ice statue. Elsa brings Anna back to life in an act of true love and thaws the winter. Throughout the show, the Snow Chorus (Neda Fellows, Veronica Frank, Finn Gallagher, Julia Geraci, Marco Giannola, Samantha Glatt, Grace Harding, Ginger Sanborn, Claire Tao, and Sylvie Ward) tells the story with song and dance. And that’s only a brief summary.

As I was watching the show, I thought about the amount of effort the cast put in to make this happen. I’ve heard my friends talk about giving up so many afternoons for rehearsal and practicing for hours. And Mr. Chillemi, the director of the play, had to juggle show work and teaching work (he’s also a sixth-grade science teacher).

In conclusion, I loved the play and thought it was absolutely brilliant. I’d just like to congratulate the NSMS Masquers for putting on this AMAZING performance!!


  1. Thank you so much for all this praise! It means a lot to me and likely the whole cast and crew, but it probably means the most to Mr. Chillemi and Mr. Messemer. I hope next years’ show will e just as good or even better! Good luck to next year’s 8th, 7th, and 6th graders!


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