Imagine hearing that we should kill animals for no reason. Now imagine it was only to test for cancer research.  If we could put animal testing to only important research we can reduce the number of lives that we slaughter for beauty products and more.  Look at this picture. This animal could be outside living in its natural habitat. But instead, we take it for granted and abuse the power of nature. 

 Someday animals will be extinct and we WILL take that for granted.  So starting to reduce the number of lives now will save their future. “Animal testing dates back thousands of years. Evidence suggests that the ancient Greeks performed experiments on living animals as early as the third century BCE.” (Animal Testing: Is Animal Testing Morally Justified? Issues and Controversies, Infobase, 14 Jan. 2020, Accessed 28 Jan. 2020.) 

This evidence proves that we have abused animals for years by testing them.  Why? We are tearing apart living nature to find out if one brand of makeup is better than another.  Why do we have to have animals hide in fear when they were here first? Animals were tested for hundreds of years, and have not been treated with the respect they should get.  Animals have no say, so they get pushed around and bullied by us. 

 Imagine yourself being tested on. Because of this, animals go blind, get diseases, and possibly DIE.  Now you might want to revise your thinking because if you think animal testing is okay, you must be heartless and cruel.  To think that murder and torture are okay to do to an animal is inhumane. What would happen if we tested on humans, would that be sick and messed up too? 




  1. Sorry for being “heartless and cruel,” but without animal testing, we wouldn’t have found treatments for very deadly diseases. And what is an example of us not needing animal experiments? we sometimes do need it for finding cures for medical illnesses like cancer and coronavirus. How will we find cures for serious sicknesses without the animals? Yes, we should not do animal testing as much, but if we don’t do it anymore, we would have to find another way to see if some medical things are safe.

  2. She didn’t mean stopping animal testing completely, Natalie. Animal testing is incredibly important to learn about diseases; that’s true and Natalya knows this. She just said we should stop using animals to test makeup, and I agree. Personally, I think it’s wrong to perform animal testing in general– animals are living beings just like humans. So I think we should keep animal testing for now, but also start trying to find a new, more humane way to test diseases and possible cures. Once we find a new, stable and constant way to test these things, we should stop testing animals. I’m sure you both agree with me.


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