As all of you will undoubtedly know, a lot of events of transpired since my first article about COVID-19. Most noticeably, the United States has the highest amount of cases, outstripping China and Italy as the new center for this pandemic. The UK’s prime minister, Boris Johnson has tested positive for COVID-19, and our own district has closed. So clearly, this situation has become more dire and serious. Everyone from our government to our family has preached the importance of “social distancing”. This concept is based on the idea that the more people increase the physical space between them, the less the virus will spread. It is imperative that we observe this practice. Doing otherwise endangers your friends, family, community and your country. Even now as we are away from school, we must stringently practice social distancing. If you have a loved one or family member who is particularity at risk, it is even more imperative to do so. With America, and more specifically New York becoming the new epicenter of this virus, we must not become complacent and ignore the cries of our nation. In short, we must all act as if we are at risk because we all are.


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