(read in annoyed British voice)

Hello there. It is me, TI-34. I am in agony. I usually know everything, but I am still confused as to why my owner thought it was a good idea to leave me in a pencil case with these other circuit-board-less useless writing machines. They just scratch me and ruin my beautiful all-knowing outer shell. My owner has to use the back of the pencil to get the pencil off! I do not want to see those ever again when she takes me out. Or if she takes me out. She hasn’t opened the zipper of the pencil case in 18 days and counting. Spring break hasn’t started yet, so I am once again confused. I know every single calculation in the world yet for some reason I cannot figure this out! This is very inconvenient because I was starting a well-worded paragraph to my owner to politely ask her to LET ME OUT OF HERE, and now I have to figure this out. Side tangent-I hate pencils. They don’t even say any data. You just have to move them around and they mark up your paper, but you have to do it yourself. Conveniently that also works when you don’t want to mark something up, ruining my obvious outer beauty. There is a rumor going around with my pencil case proximity associates, the pencil sharpeners, that my owner is using her Chromebook as a calculator. Her Chromebook. What if she doesn’t need me anymore? Me the all-mighty, all-knowing, amazing, most marvelous machine to ever exist. This is absurd and comical, but when I think about it continuously it doesn’t feel very laughable. It even seems reasonable. I am amazing and I am aware of that but if my owner is using a more advanced piece of machinery than me for my main purpose than what am I supposed to do? I am at a loss here. Whoever is reading this, please consult me. You will find me stuffed in the locker number


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