My owner is no longer using me. My pages are crackling and my words are fading away. I hate feeling neglected, and I don’t know why he is not using me. His words were so creative, and now there is nothing left. Also his backpack is so dark and scary. I’m here with that math notebook, but he is also very crusty and is very sad. The light in the foyer keeps going on and off. But that doesn’t help me because it is just his mom. I wish he would come back to me; it doesn’t feel good being lonely. I wish I could yell to him, but I can’t because my words are dying, and can’t be spoken. I remember when I would walk around with him in school, but now that doesn’t happen cause he only needs his Chromebook.

I remember hearing Mrs. Henneberger’s voice; now that never happenes. I remember when I wasn’t crackling and was very lively.

Now that has all changed. I wish what’s happening is going to go away soon.

But I don’t know, and now I have to go.



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