That’s what I am right now.

Mae was absent the day before.

The day before the school changed.

It used to be lively and full of kids and ideas and wonderings and laughter and learning.

Now it is dark.

And deserted like me.

Weeks before it happened I could hear the kids talking about it.

I could hear their predictions and worries and concerns.

Now I understand.

Mae didn’t know and didn’t take me home with her the day before the day it all went dark.

Now I am left here. 

In her locker.

Me-her reading notebook

left here to rot.

I miss her.

I want to help her learn,

I want to be written in!

My brother-her writing notebook is here too.

She didn’t know and she thought she didn’t need us for homework so she didn’t take us.

Math and science went with her.

Social studies is here with us.

In her locker.

Sometimes I try to talk to my brother and my friend social studies

but usually they just want to sit and wait for her to come back.

We all wish for her and them-all of them to come back.

Sometimes we read what she had written in us to each other.

Sometimes we laugh at all her silly little doodles.

Sometimes we just wait for her.

Each day, one of us goes to check through the openings in the locker

to see if anyone is there.

Occasionally we’ll see a glimmer of sunshine

but sometimes it’s just dark. 

No voices, no children, no teachers, no anyone.

But all we can do is wait.

Wait for the day that the lights come on.

Wait for the day that we can hear their voices.

Wait for the day Mae comes to take us to her classes.

Wait for the day we can be free.

We don’t know when this day will be.

So we just wait.

Wait for the day the light goes on in the


Photo credit: DollarDays.com


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