The Stock Market is a place where traders can publicly buy and sell stocks. Stocks are small ownerships of a company and that can vary due to the number of shares you buy which is the number of stocks you own. Some well known Stock Markets are the New York Stock Exchange and the Japan Exchange Group. These places have something called the floor where people can actually stay and buy and sell stocks as they change each second. Most of the time these people on the floor or representing a corporation or own account. For some people, this is a business that can lead to some happy but also quite devastating careers, with them losing large quantities of money when not making decisions. Most of these decisions are quite risky, and can affect a lot.

Now, down to the real problem: most stocks, as of January to early to mid-February, were trading really well and hitting record high marks. Then, stocks started to drop. Not like it normally would; it started to take significant drops at this time, and a lot of people were selling. This causes it to go down more because they didn’t want to lose money. At this time the Stock Market dropped so much, it was a bear market. This means the trend of the market is down. It was so bad that the Stock Market closed for a short amount of time. Now, to a regular person, this might not mean much but to someone else such as an investor, this time would be a great time to buy.

As of right now, the Stock Market has been a little weird, for example, the market has been either rebounding or the drop the next day. As of right now, many investors don’t know what is in the future for the market considering, the bouncing it seems to be doing. This is where analyst plays an important role.

These people called analysts give investors insight on what to buy and sell. One of the biggest analyst companies, Bank of America, helps both investors and regular people by giving info on what is best. As of right now, a company they say worth investing in is Thompson Reuters; here is B of A securities point of view: “It also boasts accelerating organic revenue growth, solid margin expansion, strong cash flow/balance sheet, and a healthy dividend (2.5% yield.)” This is just a small excerpt from a thirty-page paper that shows why Thompson Reuters is on the US1 list.

Photo credit: Marketwatch


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