Will I ever see light? Will she ever hold me again? Will I ever get some use ever in the history of my life again? It’s bad enough I had to sit in her locker for five straight days, but now it’s like it got even worse. I’m squished like lettuce in the middle of a sandwich, inside a bag with a bunch of other guys. I don’t want to be crammed next to social studies binder, he’s just so annoying, and orchestra, don’t even get me started with her! Anyways, you get my point.

To my owner, Giuliana, if you’re reading this, GET ME OUTTA HERE! I know, yes, I’m useless to your online school learning, yes, you never use me at all in school, but you still carry me around to English and Science class. I just liked the fact of being free. Not being locked up in a black hole for the rest of my life. I could be with another owner right now actually giving me use! When you left me in your locker for the weekend and on Monday, but then came back to get me on Tuesday, I just felt so loved, like I actually was worth something to you. But then, when you brought me home and kept me in a bag for more than two weeks, I completely lost that feeling, like a fly that just flew away and never to be seen again.

My one huge wish that I’m sure my owner or anyone else who does not like school doesn’t want to happen, is to go back to school. That is my dream place. I know, you’re probably thinking this binder is crazy, but that’s just where I was born and where my happiness was brought to life, and I see clearly that my owner does not respect that 🙁 School is where I can see all the friendly faces of students passing by in the hallways. In Giuliana’s bag, all I can see is a whiff of Social studies binder’s butt, and trust me that is not a pretty picture. I miss my real friends who are at least upstairs with you, and that is my dear friends: English notebook and Science notebook. It is truly unfair and despicable that I’m with these two weirdos next to me who I would pick as the last two binders on earth to be next to!

Giuliana if you’re reading this, I want to let you know one more time, I don’t think you even remotely understand the pain I’m going through right now! I’m literally empty inside with not a single book or paper inside of me! Now the last words I’m going to write on this paper are four words that I’m really enjoying and using a lot at the moment, GET ME OUTTA HERE!!


Your Very Not-So Friend Anymore: English/Science binder 🙁 


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