Note: I will be sort of weird in this article. This is me channeling my inner weirdo.

Last Tuesday, I wrote a short story literally called “a short story”. And I’ve gotten the best comments on it (thank you!!! You really made my day!!!) so I decided I would write an article explaining what went into my head as I wrote “a short story”.

If you haven’t read “a short story” yet, the link is right here (you click on the word “here”) and I highly recommend that you read it first because otherwise, you’re probably going to have no idea what the heck I’m talking about.

Quick recap of the story: Rainn is eleven and she is searching for her sister, Lia in California. We don’t know what happens to her but Rainn does get a note from her saying You go save the world for me, Rainn.


Yes, I know.


I wanted to write a short story because I thought it would be fun and et cetera. So then I was thinking, all right, we have this pandemic right now. People say it’s going to die down and get better. But what if it doesn’t? And what would happen in like six years?? What if???

Cue dramatic music in the background.

So that’s how I got my inspiration. It sort of has a weird Earth on the Brink connection (the series that I wrote with two of my best friends, Finn and Emelia. The whole first book is posted on the Viking Voice. You should go check it out if you haven’t already) because, like, “a short story” has the same “world is destroyed, try not to die” theme. Let’s hope this mess doesn’t get to the level it did in “a short story”. It probably won’t.

Some of the things I chose in the story were random. Like how the story takes place six years from now. And that Rainn has a blue streak in her hair. And that Lia went to Stanford University in California. But maybe those things had meanings. Like I’m supposed to be graduating high school in six years. And Angelika from Earth on the Brink has blue tips, so maybe I wanted them to have a connection somehow. And Stanford is a good college.

There are also other things. Rainn and her sister, Lia, both have lockets. Rainn’s locket is a gift from her mother. Lia’s locket is never really… well, the story behind her locket is never fully explained. I guess I intended Rainn’s and Lia’s lockets to both be gifts from their mother, but I guess we’ll never really know. (I don’t really know either, so I can’t confirm anything.) Also, Lia’s locket has the date 5.31.19 on it. May 31 has always been an interesting day in my life since 2018. I feel like it is a day where everything happens. Last year, the 5th grade and 6th grade social was on that day, and… stuff happened. That’s all I’m going to say.

It also mentioned that Rainn had glow-in-the-dark stickers on the roof of her room. We’re going to have to assume that she had a room before the world is completely destroyed. Glow-in-the-dark stickers provide light in the dark. Maybe the stickers were her way of finding hope in the darkness. Rainn was also wearing a white shirt. This might represent her personality in some way: hopeful, optimistic, etc.

Okay, so the story ends on a huge cliffhanger. So I bet people are wondering what happens next. And before the story.

Don’t worry. I am too.

So. Let’s talk about before the story first.

So Rainn’s mother left for a business trip when Rainn was five and disappeared for the next six years. After that, her father became abusive and eventually died, with just Lia, Rainn’s older sister, for support. This is a pretty rough childhood. And the fact that Rainn keeps believing that her mother would come back makes it even sadder. And then her sister has to leave for college.


But when Lia left for college, Rainn was between the ages of five and eleven. So how did she take care of herself at such a young age?

That’s an unanswered question.

Comment any other unanswered questions you have about Rainn’s past because I can’t think about any more right now.

Now the end of the story. This is very confusing and I’ve been thinking about this a lot. You never really know what happened to Lia if you think about it. You just know that Rainn got a letter from her. Lia could be dead. She could be alive. She could be right behind Rainn for all we know.

But what about Rainn?

One of the last sentences of “a short story” is “Then before she knew it, Rainn was lying down in a puddle of a mixture of tears and blood.”

Oooookay, we’re getting harsh there. By the way, I realized this after I published this. I don’t want Rainn to be that harsh on herself.

Honestly, this story ended up darker than I normally intended this to be.

Thanks for reading this and if you have any questions that I didn’t answer, feel free to comment below. I promise I’ll answer them as soon as I can.



  1. I loved “A Short Story”. It was dark and awesome and I WANT A SEQUEL PLESSS. It was such a good short story and, I’ve probably said this loads of times, your writing voice is AMAZINGGGGG!! I’d love to see Rainn’s story evolve!


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