This is based off of the posts recently personifying objects.

Hope no one minds if I join the group if it’s not an assignment for me. Well done to all the 6th graders writing those!








Where Are You?


Months ago I saw people come and take my friends away, yet you never came.


I’m alone on my shelf, I think.


When will you draw the music from my strings?


When will I leave the case and make the beautiful sounds I used to make?


I remember on Thursdays after school I would listen to the happy music sounds coming from the ensemble room.


When not in use during school I would listen to the loud sounds in the hallway.


But I don’t hear those sounds anymore.


What happened?


Where are you?


What happened to you?


What happened to everyone?


I don’t hear music coming from the ensemble room.


I don’t hear loud sounds coming from the hallways.


I hear silence.


I hear loneliness. 


I hear quiet, and I don’t like it.


Where has everyone gone?


I miss the sounds.


Will they ever return?


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