“Experts are agreeing that the spread of COVID-19 cannot be stopped, it can be slowed down significantly by measures currently summed up under the term ‘“social distancing.'” By limiting human contact, we can reduce the transmission rate significantly, which in turn increases the time it takes for cases to double. Thanks to the nature of exponential functions, such measures can have a huge effect on the total number of cases after a given time.” Right now as we all know there is a pandemic going on around the world. A pandemic is “ A disease prevalent over a whole country or the world.”

When there is a pandemic a lot of people die, jobs can be lost, the community is ruined. And we can’t have this, that’s why Social Distancing is the most effective way to cure and slow down COVID-19. If we as a world want to stop this, we have to stay inside because the virus can not spread if we are not in contact with others or if we are in public places.

 The virus cannot be stopped if we don’t know how it is spread. If we know more about the Virus, we can prevent it and eventually stop it. So this is the breakdown of “The new coronavirus,” “a respiratory virus which spreads primarily through droplets generated when an infected person coughs or sneezes, or through droplets of saliva or discharge from the nose.” Since the virus is spread through infected coughs, we can’t be out, because anybody can have it. We need to keep our space from people for now. Because there is a lack of tests, you never know who has it. So if we don’t know who has it, and we keep going with our regular life, the virus will build up and eventually become the cause of millions of deaths.

So we can prevent this by staying inside and waiting until this virus ends.

The benefits of social distancing work slow down the disease. If we want this virus to end, we will be selfless and just stay inside. It is proven that it works: “While insufficient testing limits the full picture, it’s clear the disease is spreading at different speeds in different places in the United States. California and Washington continue to see new cases and deaths, but so far they haven’t come in the spikes seen in parts of the East Coast. Social distancing efforts need to continue for several more weeks to be effective, experts say.” It worked for these 2 states, so we should all take the lead and stay in to make it end quicker but also save lives.

This virus does not judge; it does not matter who you are.

The people 65 and older are the most affected to it so we help them by staying inside. The transfer can only be stopped by social distancing, so do it and results will come.

If we all follow the government guidelines and we social distance ourselves this virus will be over at some point. This virus has taken too many lives, got too many people out of work and taken a shot at the economy. There are no positives to it, so don’t be selfish social distance.

This virus has canceled everything we love and everyday things we can’t live without, and it’s proven social distancing works. So stay inside. In 1918 social distancing ended the flu, so in 2020 the same strategy can end COVID-19.


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photo credit: Digital Steel


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