Scott waited for his mother to stop shouting at him. She tended to shout a lot. She also tended to abuse them. Scott was fifteen now. She’d been like that his whole life.

Dad… Don’t think about that.

Jane shouted some more, depreciating him and making him feel awful. Then she sent him and his siblings off to school.

When will my life begin?

“Like before, how the first year of Scott’s life was when all was well. Ish.”


Jaxse and his sister, Jessie, waited for Scott, Kara, another close friend of theirs, Summer, and Solar to arrive. They were very slow.

“Hey, Jessie, wanna meme them when they get here?” Jaxse asked.

His sister grinned. “Yes, please, absolutely!”

So they hid. When the triplets and “mother” showed up…

They burst out of their hiding spots, running at them.

Summer screamed, Kara merely rolled her eyes, the boys shouted “Hey!” and the chase was on. It was fun.

“Scott~!” came a singsong voice they all hated.

Sara, the mean, perverted, yandere queen of the school had taken a liking to Scott the moment she saw him, and it was a serious problem for all of them. Especially Scott.

“Please leave us alone, Sara.” Jaxse stepped between the stupid woman that deserved to fall into one of his holes and go to Hell to meet his father and his best friends.

“Now why would I do that?” Sara tilted her head at Jaxse, an innocent look in her eyes. “I’ve never harassed you.”

“Yes you have. You are, right now. Go away.”

“Yes, please leave,” Summer chimed in. “Or you could fall into Hell.”

Come on, Summer, don’t give it away!

Jaxse gave her a Really? You’re stupid look.

She stared back.

“Pleeeeeease can I just have Scott for a moment?” Sara pleaded.

“You’re not fooling anyone. We need to get to class.” Jaxse spread out his wings, and so did Jessie, while the other three idiot children shapeshifted into birds. Kara shot Sara a death glare and dissipated into oblivion. The group of five flew right over Sara’s head and landed in front of the school and then separated to go to their classes.

No one was dumb enough to put any of them in the same class.

It was sad.

Fire alarm.

Jaxse and the other kids in his class shot from their seats and ran outside.

Chaos everywhere. Like Jaxse’s father decided to make it rain fire. But not even Hades would do that, would he? Jaxse didn’t focus on it. Instead, he focused on getting everyone out. That was all he could do.

“Stop! Sara, what are you-” said Scott’s voice.

Jaxse followed it and tackled Sara, who was about to sexually assault his best friend. Jaxse beat her up and opened a hole to Hell for her. Then he ran to Scott. “Scott! Are you okay?”

The poor boy was shaking. “I th-think so…”

“Let’s get out of here.” Jaxse took Scott’s hand and ran outside.

“The hill!” Scott cried. “It’s the only safe place. Someone’s watching the fire drill area waiting for people to stop coming there and then they’ll shoot them all!”

“What?!” Jaxse yelled. “But- wait, did you mindlink the others??”

“I mindlinked Summer and Solar, so they should be at the hill already. Kara’s in oblivion, so no way she’s in danger. Jessie… her mind…” Scott paused, his eyes sad. “Jessie’s mind was nowhere. I confirmed it with Kara.”

Jaxse stopped and stared at Scott. Scott stared back, looking heartbroken and mournful. Scott had harbored a crush on Jessie for the longest time. “So…” Jaxse said, his voice shaking. “… she’s…”

“Dead,” Scott finished. “Yeah.”

Jaxse broke into tears. He sank to the grass, and he felt himself being levitated as Scott continued running to the hill.

Could this get any worse?

Apparently it could. Summer, who was bleeding terribly, reported Kara missing. Just like that, a third of their friend group was gone.

Those four sat on the hill, forced to watch.

Then two girls came running from the trees. Both had brown hair. One was a seven-tailed neko-fox and the other was older and a wolf. They were probably sisters.

The wolf separated the fire into sections, and the neko-fox put them out.

Jaxse teared up again at what he saw.

Their whole school was reduced to ash and rubble.

Every single student in the school lay dead in the ashes or in the courtyard.

The four friends ran into the woods and lived another year of their life there, until…

The fire nation attacked.

Okay, that didn’t happen. Sorry, reader. That wasn’t funny.

Until the robots invaded.


“Welcome to Savior’s Wing, Jaxse, Scott, Solar, and Summer.”


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