There is one thing everyone is scared of: the Coronavirus. It is causing hospitals to run out of beds, businesses and even entire companies to shut down, people to stay home, and lives to be lost. However, what if someone were to tell you that COVID-19 was, in some ways, a good thing? 


Who is this a good thing for, exactly? The answer is our home, planet Earth. Find out how the Coronavirus is helping prevent pollution, and why.


Less Businesses Open; Less Bad Stuff in Our Environment


First, we need to remember one of the reasons why Coronavirus is bad; it is causing businesses and companies to shut down. Remember that small business a few blocks away turned off that neon open sign about a month ago? 


This is where pollution comes into play. You see, most businesses and companies usually A) Have plastic straws, styrofoam cups, ect. that get thrown out, B) Put toxic chemicals into the air, C) Support companies/businesses that put toxic chemicals into the air, D) support any other source of pollution, or E) Do all of the above. However, now with COVID-19, there will be less of these companies and businesses open. That means that there is less pollution on our planet, thus making it healthier to live on — all thanks to the coronavirus.


Transportation Toggled Off


Now, you might be thinking: But my local restaurant is now doing pickup deliveries! Well, just remember: less businesses staying open is not the only way we have an eco-friendly pandemic. There is less transportation, causing less smoke to go into the air from cars, trains, ect.


Since all of us are staying home, we are not going to as many places anymore. This means that transportation is being used less. And what is one of the most often used sources of transportation? The car. And most cars release CO2, which is harmful to the earth. Buses, trains, ships, planes, and more release pollution, but have been used less due to COVID-19.


Only one more year?


Now remember: the pandemic will not last forever. Eventually, a vaccine will come out, and COVID-19 won’t be a thing anymore. But how long is eventually? Well, according to the experts, there will probably be a vaccine in 18 months, best case in arial.


This means that when there is a vaccine, everything will go back to normal. This also includes businesses and transportation. One day, the coronavirus would serve no threat, and pollution levels would go back to normal. In fact, the pandemic probably didn’t even make much of a difference to some parts of earth’s environment. However, the pandemic is still a nice breather to planet earth.




So, it turns out the coronavirus is not 100% bad after all. In fact, it seems to really care about the environment. Of course, there is still a bad side. Hospitals are still running out of beds, businesses and entire companies are still shutting down, people are still staying home, and lives are still being lost.


But remember: even in these very dark times, there is still some light left.

photo credit: The Atlantic


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