The ropes were slowly freezing. But it was too slow. Like one snowflake every sixty seconds.

The ropes were slowly burning. But it was too slow. Like one spark every sixty seconds.

They didn’t even know the other was on the other side of the wall. All they wanted was to get out.

The snakes were slowly getting to her. They weren’t physical snakes; just snakes in her stomach instead of butterflies. This was the most excruciating thing that ever happened to her. Her brain felt like it was going to explode. She wanted to murder herself. The claustrophobia was taking over and the walls seemed to cave in. She had never stayed this still and confined in her life. And the loneliness was worse than anything. She had never suffered from monophobia this bad. Get me out of here, she thought as the tears came to her.

On the other side of the wall, he was unconscious. The fear and isolation were too much for him. His brain had shut itself down due to exhaustion and pain. Little did he know that he was free already. The ropes were limp and dead at the sides of his chair, but he stayed still as a rock.

The nails dug into her skin as her eyes shut. The last bit of frost enveloped the whole of the rope and the thing burst into pieces and disintegrated at her feet. She didn’t know.

Barely breathing, both of them stayed still and unmoving. Although they were free, they were trapped.



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