Matt’s article was inspired by Elassar’s report from CNN. The source information is as follows:

Steph and Ayesha Curry are helping to provide 1 million meals to Oakland students who can’t attend school due to coronavirus closures

By Alaa Elassar, CNN

Updated 8:50 AM ET, Mon March 16, 2020

           On March 16, 2020 many schools across the country closed down due to the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic. This closure to school has changed many people’s lives significantly from just simply going to school and seeing other people to not having a meal to eat. 

         In this article and tweet, Stephen and Ayesha Curry talk about what they are contributing to help kids in need of meals. They did this by donating 1 million meals to the children of Oakland California who need food because they can’t get it at school due to this shut down. And their tweet also said: “We support this decision but are concerned a/b the 18,000+ kids that rely on school for 2+ meals daily.” I think that what the Curry family is doing is an impactful and thoughtful action and can help kids in need and help everything get back to normal. I personally believe that this donation is one of the best things anyone can do to try and help these kids.

They took a small problem out of COVID-19 and did what they could to fix it.

      I chose the Currys because they were very impactful helpers, and they have donated a lot of money. They took a small problem out of COVID-19 and did what they could to fix it. I found this very thoughtful and very selfless of them to do. The helpers I chose are important to me because I personally enjoy basketball and love Curry, but what he is doing can save lives, and I commend him for his actions.

      In the end, there is little to no positives about this pandemic, but some people are doing things that make it possible to overcome and give America hope. This is a very scary time in America, but that does not mean we give up. People like the Currys give people, mainly affected by COVID-19, hope. I respect the Curry family, and they inspired me to go out and help, so that is why I chose them.



  1. The main good thing about covid is that it’s keeping us inside our houses, therefore letting nature heal a little from everything we as the human species have done to it. Take the rivers in Vienna for example.


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