Fear, Relief


  • It’s a terrifying thing, realizing you’re not like other people
  • It’s a terrifying thing if you’re alone
  • But when you’re around people that help you understand
  • It becomes your greatest point of pride.
  • Until you realize you have to tell your family
  • And you worry about what they might say
  • What they might think
  • What they might do.
  • Then you realize you have to tell your other friends
  • The ones that weren’t there when you realized
  • And that’s what really scares you
  • Because friendship means everything to you
  • And if they shut you out
  • Who do you have?
  • So first you tell your family
  • When they come to pick you up
  • And you realize they have no problem with it
  • Only need to know the differences
  • So with new confidence, you tell your closest friends when school starts again
  • And relief floods your whole body as they say
  • They’re proud of you
  • As they say
  • They still care about you
  • As they say
  • “We’re still your friends”
  • And finding out you’re LGBTQ+ is not such a terrifying thing after all.


  1. This message is amazing. This is so comforting to anyone who’s trying to figure out who they are and also to anyone who’s worried about coming out. This is just… wow. This is beautiful.

  2. Thanks. I thought that since Pride Month is around the corner I’d post something about my coming out story. I’m Demipan (Demi- I don’t feel attraction to anyone unless I have an emotional connection; Pan- I don’t care about gender and I can fall in love with anyone) and I support anyone who wants to come out. A suggestion: come out to the people you feel the most comfortable with. Sometimes it’s not a good idea to tell your family first.


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