Wednesday, September 30, 2020

About The Viking Voice

The Viking Voice is an online newspaper created entirely by North Shore Middle School students. Established in 2015, the Viking Voice has produced over 320 articles since its inception and welcomes journalistic contributions of any kind from North Shore students, spanning both fiction and nonfiction with a range of news articles and other student work.

Contribute to The Viking Voice

New members are always welcome at our meetings, held every Wednesday in room 102 at 3 PM.
Anyone can submit articles using our online system--click the button below to get started.

Middle School Staff


  • Dylan Collins


  • Lilyan Whitcomb


  • Krista Eder


  • John Rasizzi


  • Luca Recine


  • Brandon Schrier


  • Jack Kenny


  • Sophia Zhang


  • Ashna Gibbons


  • Noah Glickman


  • Michael Riccardo


  • Allie Eder (editor)


  • Ian Zhan


High School Interns


  • Gabriella Roach


  • Robby Roper


  • Gian Royal