Thursday, April 25, 2019
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Phones Might Cause Cancer, But Not In People

For over 20 years, scientists have been exploring the question of whether cell phones are harmful to our health. Here's why you probably don't need to worry.
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Now You see It, Now You Don’t! Last cycle, Mr. Larsen and his film artists used their new techniques to produce short films with disappearing characters and objects. The students first...
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Politics With Will: An Unprecedented Ordeal

This week marks the fifth week of an unprecedented government shutdown, which has impacted millions of people. However, the government shutdown isn’t just difficult...
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Spill the Mocha: Robots

Robots! In just a few years, robots might take over. We’re even starting to make toys that talk, or even worse- listen. The Cayla...
Physician Assisted suicide

Is It Legal to Commit Suicide?

New "death with dignity" laws in Oregon, Vermont, and Washington allow terminally ill patients to voluntarily end their lives by assisted suicide. But is this what we really want?

Bob News Episode 9

A How-To On Taking iPhone Photos

An expensive camera isn't required to take great and professional photos. All you need is an iPhone and these tips and tricks!

E3 Day: A Chance to Give Back AND Have Fun

E3 Dance Squad photo credit: Mrs. Kepke On Tuesday, November 20, North Shore Middle School will host its annual E3 day. E3 day, a school-wide...

Power Down

  If you were to walk into the NSMS cafeteria before school, you would walk in and see… a majority of people on their phones...

Politics With Will: Trump and Fascism

Throughout the years, the world has seen many fascist leaders, from notorious leaders like Hitler to Francisco Franco of Spain. However, the world...