Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Earth on the Brink, Book One: Secrets- Chapters 3 and 4

The second segment of Earth on the Brink, Book One: Secrets.

The Reader’s Odyssey With Sophia Zhang

I’ve never delved into the world of historical fiction. It’s always been fantasy, fantasy, and maybe some realistic romance.    But this book might be the...

Viking Voice App

Have you seen a new app on your iPad? Well, it’s a link to the Viking Voice! Click it, and it will take you...

The Anti-Vaxx Movement: Fraudulent, Dangerous, and Wrong

    Imagine this. Your flying to Iceland to enjoy a vacation, your plane lands and you see a sign, “all non-vaccinated passengers will not be...

Save the School Store!

Dear all 7th and 8th graders, The school store needs your help! The school store is open, but only for 6th graders because we...
Physician Assisted suicide

Is It Legal to Commit Suicide?

New "death with dignity" laws in Oregon, Vermont, and Washington allow terminally ill patients to voluntarily end their lives by assisted suicide. But is this what we really want?

“Sorrows and Opinions of a Reading Notebook” A Poem

Abandoned. Deserted. Left-behind. Stranded. Rejected. Ditched. Neglected. That’s what I am right now. Mae was absent the day before. The day before the school changed. It used to be lively and full of kids...

Summer 2018 Bucket List

School is coming to a close, and the summer of 2018 is almost upon us. Like many, you may find yourself sitting home alone...

We Are Wise and Proud

Check out the glass hallway...and be very, very proud.