Thursday, July 18, 2019

Is This The Kind of World We Want To Raise Our Girls In?

You are at a fertility clinic. There is a fire. In one corner, you see a clear box, labeled '500 Viable Human Embryos'. In...

Spill The Mocha: Young Girls Should Not Have Acrylics

Do you wear acrylics? Well, we think you shouldn’t wear them. We interviewed Gianna Laino and she said, “They're fine, but they hurt when...

Bob News Episode 5
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Profiles In Politics: Michael Bennet

It was May Second, 2019–Michael Bennet, a prominent Colorado Democrats and United States Senator had announced his bid for the 2020 democratic convention. This...

Viking Voice Controversy

I am writing to you today with concerns and a strong feeling of displeasure regarding the past articles. I believe that these writers should not be trying to persuade our political beliefs

Gene Editing: A New Scientific Breakthrough

It would be awesome if we had a world where there is no physical suffering. My nana suffered from cancer and if we had...

Taylor Swift and Politics

On October 24, 2018, the article I wrote, “Taylor Swift and Politics”, was uploaded to The Viking Voice. It was regarding Taylor Swift's political...

The Pokémon Phenomenon

Pokemon. It's a franchise loved by millions worldwide. It's in the form of action figures, a television show and a card game. It's for children, teens and even adults. But the playful jolly characters and animals have a darker backround.

T.E.D. Talks: Teachers Everyone Deserves

Collection 1 Episode 1: Mr. Facchini Watch Here: T.E.D.

Seventeen Minutes

In no way was today’s seventeen minutes outside at the field a protest. If you were there it was for you either a rally,...