Thursday, July 18, 2019

Both Sides of the Debate 

Imagine being interrupted every time you try speaking. Isn't that disrespectful and inconsiderate? Well, in the first 2016 presidential debate on September 26th, that was exactly what Trump did to Clinton.

iPhones: Now and Then

About 9 years ago, the first iPhone was released. It was a hit. Now we know, just recently, that the iPhone 7 was just released, and stores around the world are sold out.

Are Instagram and Snapchat Too Similar? 

Instagram and Snapchat are almost everyone's two favorite apps. On Instagram, you can post pictures of yourself to your followers and they can like or comment on your photos. On Snapchat, you don't post pictures, instead put them on your "story"- those pictures are deleted permanently after 24 hours.

iPhone 7: Changing Smartphones Forever

Yes, it has happened. The iPhone 7 and 7 Plus have been released last week by Apple. Almost everyone has been talking about the rumors, and they also have questions.

Common Core

          The Common Core learning system has been around since 2008. Ever since that year the complicated tests and stressful days...