Thursday, July 18, 2019
gun reaching for papers

Background Checks: A Better Solution for a Big Problem

We're in the midst of a gun violence epidemic. The solution is to look at the people pulling the trigger.
Activists protesting illegal immigration

Viewpoints from JOJOLANDIANS: The Real Truth Of Immigration

The liberal media portrays illegal immigrants as victims. But are they really victims when they've chosen to come here illegally?
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Politics With Will: 16,500 Beds

Every year, ICE (Immigration Customs Enforcement) deports thousands of undocumented immigrants and American citizens. They rip innocent Americans who immigrated here at very young...

Let’s Take the Path to Fresh Air and Freedom

Why have a path if nobody can walk on it? OKAY, THIS IS CRAZY!! One of my teachers said that the outdoor paths that lead...

The Maze Runner: A New Classic

The Maze Runner by James Dashner is a dystopian story about a group of teenagers who are stuck in this vague place that none...
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Politics With Will: The State of the Union

Since the sun rose on the United States, presidents have been giving State of the Union addresses. This year, President Trump delivered a...
Harry Clark in a Viking Hat

The Real Promises of Democracy

On Sunday, January twentieth, Vice President Mike Pence was on a segment of Face The Nation, a show that airs on CBS. He and Margaret...
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Politics With Will: An Unprecedented Ordeal

This week marks the fifth week of an unprecedented government shutdown, which has impacted millions of people. However, the government shutdown isn’t just difficult...

Erase Racism, NSMS

When you look around our world today, you see an abundance of cultures, colors, and people. Yet, when you look around our community and...
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Politics With Will: The Wall

Original Logo Art: NSMS Graphic Designer, Fiona Zhang "A wall would be a tax burden for centuries—a tax burden paid by the great grandchildren of...