Friday, September 20, 2019

Bob News Episode 17

Bobby boy news ready to bring you up on news that not everyone would agree with... Click here for either a weird vine compilation or...

Bob News Episode 16

Bob News 16, that's a milestone!! Also, did you know there's such thing as a potato bagel!?!?!? Presto! The video!!

Bob News Episode 15

Be sure to read the description...yay pie! Click here for Bob News Episode 15 For more information, read, "Arming is Harming."

Bob News Episode 14


Bob News Episode 13

New news story...send your articles, art, ideas for Bob News, and more! We love to post that stuff!!!

Arming is Harming

It’s an early Monday morning. People are walking into school with their friends, talking while glancing in each classroom. There’s a teacher standing near...

Bob News Episode 12

Bob back at it again interviewing people about questionable topics.... Click to watch the video!!:p

Bob News Episode 11

Bob News, Back at it again with reports of things that already passed! It took forever to upload this so bare with us! :)   Bob...

Homework: What is it Really Teaching?

It was Tuesday night, I was on hour two of doing my homework. I hadn't even started studying for the social studies test I...

A Gun-Riddled Adolescence

Gun violence could threaten our lives at any time. We need to change that.