Thursday, July 18, 2019

Elective Explorers With Faith and Andrew: Home Design

Welcome back to Elective Explorers with Faith Glazarev, and Andrew Kraupner.  Meet Mr. Slack, the Home Design teacher. He also runs Tech Club before school...

We Wear The Mask: Halloween Fun and Costumes

Did you love Halloween?  We know the Viking Voice members did!!!  We loved seeing everyone's creative costumes from 6th, 7th and 8th grade. There...

The Secret Life Of a Teen

Most teens live double lives right before your eyes. Now, what you read in this does not apply to everyone, but these are my...

6th Grade Social and Other School Spirit

Halloween Party (6th Grade) Coming Up!! by Ian Frame Kids are excited as they wait for the 2nd 6th grade “Social” or party of the year!...

T.E.D. Talks: Teachers Everyone Deserves

Collection 1 Episode 1: Mr. Facchini Watch Here: T.E.D.

Five Nights at Freddy’s NSMS Style

Who is this new VV artist? Wow, what vibrant color and dynamic images! Welcome to the VV, Kayla Murillo. We can't wait for more!

The Reader’s Odyssey With Sophia Zhang

I’ve never delved into the world of historical fiction. It’s always been fantasy, fantasy, and maybe some realistic romance.    But this book might be the...

What’s Penelope Ham Up To Next!

A digital cartoon was found in our mailbox. We found her name in the sender bar, Penelope Ham, an 8th grader who draws cartoons...
I mustache you a questionvideo

Bob News Episode 2

The second episode of the Viking Voice News Show! Episode 2 Photo credit: Teepublic