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Politics With Will: Brexit Boris

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   I have come to the realization that we may no longer focus merely on our American bubble. America is no longer the exception to tyranny and fascism, rather it is part of that very problem. Our American fate is very much tied to those of both our allies and adversaries–both those whom we disdain and cherish.

     On Thursday, December 12 Britons will vote in a general election for their Prime Minister. Currently, the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, who was not democratically elected by the people of the United Kingdom, rather elected by fellow Tories, which succeeded the resignation of Prime Minister Theresa May. Boris Johnson has championed Brexit, a policy in which supports Britain leaving the European union, an economic block and leadership organization in Europe, which has aided years of stability and congenial relationships amongst European Countries.     

     Boris Johnson has supported a policy commonly known as a hard Brexit–such would constitute Britain leaving the European Union without deal (i.e, trade, customs union, etc.); however, given a rising sentiment dissenting the highly unfavorable policy championed by Boris Johnson and the Brexit party, Parliament has passed a myriad of legislation in which makes such nearly insurmountable for Mr. Johnson 

     The General election has been hailed by Boris Johnson as a second referendum on Brexit, as he chose endeavor in the general election as a method to affirm his postulation regarding a new deal Brexit. 

       The plague of fascist, populism, and isolationism that has gripped America is to be found across the globe. Countries in both the eastern and western hemispheres–those across oceans and deserts, mountains and valleys had been faced with this seemingly inexorable challenge. In China, Xi Jinping has sent millions of Uiger (Wieger) Muslims to what has been dubbed “re-education camps” following a nationalist and fascist sentiment, which has perpetuated the persecution of those whom are perceived as being different.

       In India, A recent Supreme Court decision has denied Muslims of accessing a holy-site, which appears to be integral to the practice of their faith and worship. This plague of neo-nationalism as well as the ailments of fascist plague not just the disdained and less fortunate. They has come to affect countries in which lead the fight against these very things in which they have succumb to.

      For the better part of the twentieth century the United States was devoted to fighting tyranny and fascism. In fact, in a 1942 Supreme Case, Chaplinsky v. New Hampshire, the court ruled that a calumnious accusation that the government of Rochester New Hampshire to be Hate Speech. Today, the country has endorsed those at the top echelons of our democracy using fascist rhetoric for political gain–we have gone from the country in which fought for a world free of these contemptible ailments, to a country in which finds itself to be perpetuating them. 

      To the outsider, this deplorable scheme of demagogic behavior and monstrous values seems to have no relation to a seemingly innocent and policy-based British election…that postulation is false. Boris Johnson embodies the isolationist, fascist, and nationalist sentiments in which make up that very scheme…Boris Johnson not only encourages that Britan leaving the European Union, something which would lead to decades of tumult and recession. Johnson has been known to perpetuate rhetoric which discriminates against minorities.

       Britons now have a choice–one in which will inevitably decide our next century. It is a choice between the vituperative and brummagem and the virtuous and reasonable. The decision which the Britons make will inevitably affect the twenty-twenty democratic primary. It will either bolster Donald Trump or start the revolution. We must not eviscerate the work of our forefathers at home and abroad. We, as must Britons, chose virtue over fascism. We must be the spark to ignite the fire.

Allow food at NSMS

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Around a year ago, we found out that food was going to be banned in classes, and it has been a rule in place ever since. This rule is absurd for a number of reasons. 

Firstly, I’ll start with the main counter argument I’m given when expressing my opinion. Most people will say, “Well, what if someone is allergic? What if they could die?” Well, according to, you are much more likely to die from murder than an allergy. The odds of a minor dying from this is 1 in 3.25 million. Yeah, I’m sure some of you are going to be like…so it’s not worth the risk. But, if you think about it, we do much riskier things in this very school that are statistically more likely to kill you, and we put 0 thought into it.

The odds of dying from playing football are 1 in 50,000, according to Accidents are the leading cause of death in minors, and auto accidents are the leading cause of accidental deaths according to Only one person in an Olmsted County study on allergies died. The cause of death is that his his throat swelled up while exercising: “Yet we see schools calling for bans on peanuts, not gym class–even though, as Dr. Christakis points out in his BMJ article, about 10,000 children are hospitalized each year for sports-related traumatic brain injuries.” You’re also more likely to die from chores at home, like from a lawnmower, according to the Huffington Post. So it’s pretty darn clear that allergy deaths are way less common than we think.

 Now I’m sure some of you will be thinking, But snacking is bad and unhealthy and a distraction. Well, all of these claims can be easily debunked. First of all, hunger is the body’s way of telling you that you need fuel. A rumbling stomach in class is definitely a distraction. You can only focus on the discomfort of your stomach, counting down the minutes tick by until lunch. 

Many students need food; my informal study (I interviewed 10 NSMS students about whether or not they eat breakfast on schools days), showed that 70% of kids skip breakfast on school days. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. According to WebMD, many studies have linked eating breakfast to good health, including better memory and concentration, lower levels of “bad” LDL cholesterol, and lower chances of getting diabetes, heart disease, and being overweight.” So it’s clearly not a distraction to us. It doesn’t matter when you fuel up, it’s essential for your mind to eat.

Food also, lastly, gives us happiness. Teachers used to reward students with food, and that gave us reasons to look forward to school and have a reason to enjoy it. The evidence is crystal clear; Food should be allowed.

Why Mexican Coke Just Might Be Better for You

Many people around the globe are obsessed with the sweet, satisfying flavor of Coca-Cola, but the variation labeled Mexi-Coke might be a better choice. Regular Coke has an ingredient called high-fructose corn syrup, while Mexi-Coke scraps this ingredient in favor of the healthier, cane sugar.

Why is high-fructose corn syrup such a problem? Well, it consists of 50% glucose and 50% fructose. While glucose is beneficial to your body, fructose needs to be broken down into glucose before it can be used. Because of this, it increases your risk of many diseases and unhealthy body conditions, such as fatty liver disease, where your liver starts collecting fat, and increases the risk of Type 2 diabetes greatly. It is also linked to obesity, which can lead to heart disease and cancer. 


Mexi-Coke, instead of high-fructose corn syrup, uses plain cane sugar, which doesn’t have any of these risks. Overall, Mexi-Coke is a much safer option than normal Coca-Cola. One way to find the more nutritious Mexi-Coke is to look it up on Amazon. Trust me, it’s good.

The next time you pick up your favorite soda, think twice about it, and do yourself a flavor. Give yourself the gift of a longer life this holiday season and, if you’re going to enjoy a Coca-cola, make sure it’s a Mexi-Coke.


As a current sixth grader, I absolutely loved the trip to Greenkill. It was amazing and really, REALLY fun, and it was a great way to hang out with your teammates. This year, I’m on the Purple Team, also known as the Grape Jammers. The Purple Team is all about music and dancing, and at Greenkill, we held a lot of dance parties at night after dinner and showers. But the part that resonates with me the most is the lip dub that we did.

After planning for about 24 hours, both girls and boys got assigned a part in the song “Call Me Maybe” by Carly Rae Jepsen. We spent a lot of time rehearsing and choreographing each verse of the song. In the end, we videotaped it and the video is now on YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram.

If you want to see the video, click here.

Credits (people involved in the video):

Kids: Niko Badzim, Jake Bartilucci, Logan Bennett-Dollard, Sophia Bongiorno, Mae Curiale, Trevor Curto, Colin Davison, Luna Espinosa De Rozas, Nicholas Farinaccio, Giuliana Ferrari, Grace Harding, Mika Ikawa, Joanna Kim, Lauren Krupski, Ellen Lementowski, Cameron Miller, Leah Pepe, Catherine Perciballi, Alexa Petulla, Michael Renaldo, Lorenzo Riccuiti, Penelope Ruderman, Antonio Settino, Giada Settino, Jack Shedlick, Alexandra Silva, Kaiden Smith

Teachers: Ms. Abel, Mr. Chillemi, Ms. Falcone, Ms. Henneberger, Mr. Mazz

Cameraman: Mr. Chillemi


Poem Magician- Stars, Flashes, Autumn Leaves


All the Stars


All the stars are angels


That fly from death to the sky


All the stars are angels


That fly so, so high.


All the stars are angels


That take their places near the moon


All the stars are angels


That sing this song so true.






Flashes of dreams,

Flashes of love

Flashes of life and beauty.

Flashes of screams,

Flashes of tears

Flashes of pain and darkness.

All these flashes




Ode to Autumn Leaves


I love the colors of Autumn leaves


Painted on and cracking


Like little flowers of flaming colors.


I love the feel of the Autumn leaves


Crisp and hard


Like little swirling tornadoes drifting to the ground.


Rough, crinkly, 


Easily crushed


In the fist of one’s hand










Of different shades lying flat on the ground


The Autumn leaves are Autumn’s flower.


Did you know that?


Chromebooks vs Apple


Chromebooks vs. I Pads

The kids are forced to use laggy, glitchy Chromebooks. At school and home kids have to attempt to use terrible Chromebooks for homework and then get in trouble when we can’t complete our homework because our Chromebooks broke.
As Juliet Ryan-Baez said “They’re laggy, everything even things that aren’t inappropriate are blocked, they break easily and the camera is horrible”.
We should get Macs because Chromebooks are glitchy, break very easily, and have too many blocked things to the point where we can’t get homework done.
The first reason our school should get Macs is that Chromebooks are very glitchy. Out of the 9 quotes all of those nine people said Chromebooks were glitchy and they didn’t like them.
“They don’t work well, they are cheap, we would be better off with Mac books. They are glitchy and they break easily”- Eliana Gonzalez Levi.
Another quote that Caroline Ledden said was “ It glitches a lot, it doesn’t have apps that are on other technology that you need for class”.
These two quotes show that Chromebooks are extremely glitchy and are disliked by many classmates.
The second reason our school should get Mac books is that Chromebooks break very easily.
“They break a lot, they are really slow, and everything is blocked”, said Ella Zuccarello.
Out of the whole seventh grade everyone has gone to the tech lab because the Chromebooks have broken. Also another peer named Alison Friedman said, “They’re really bad and my keys fall off very easily”.
Overall, Chromebooks break too easily and if we had Mac books we would not have to spend as much money for repairs.
The last reason we should get Mac books is that everything is blocked to the point where we can’t do our school work.
“Everything is blocked even some learning materials” – Ben Ryan. For example the company Entrepreneur was blocked when the class had a business project.
Another student, Crystal Knoell, said they suck. Most things are blocked and sometimes even the teachers get annoyed when some things are blocked because then they can’t teach.

Overall, Chromebooks are not very practical and Mac books would be a lot more practical. Between many things being blocked, them breaking easily, and being very slow, Chromebooks are not very good.
On the other side of things Mr. S. believes that Chromebooks are better than i Pads and work perfectly well. He believes that we got Chromebooks because they are cheaper and more for work than playing games and doing other things.
He also said that he likes Chromebooks more; he thinks they’re better for school and it’s less likely that we would play games and be more likely to do work.
The last thing he said was that he thinks the students like the i Pads better. He thinks the students like the i Pads better because you can play games and we are more used to Apple products as opposed to Google.
Mr. Nelson said that Chromebooks are less prone to breaking then than i Pads because they are plastic and not glass.
He also personally likes writing on pen and paper better then electronics but he does like Chromebooks better than i Pads.
Lastly, he thinks that it depends on the student as to if they like Chromebooks or i Pads more. For example, a gaming student would probably likes i Pads better because you can play more games.
On the other hand, most teachers are liking Chromebooks better because they are more practical and you are more likely do work than play games.

Tik Tok: Should It Be Allowed In Schools?


Here at North Shore Middle School, Tik Tok dances, VSCO girls, and Peppa Pigs are spreading like wildfire. When you walk through the 6th grade hallway, you will mostly see kids leaning their phones on anything to do a dance in front of it…a Tik Tok. At lunch, you will see girls and boys with Hydroflasks saying “sksksk” and “i oop” with scrunchies on their wrists. I interviewed some people in the school to see their opinions on if Tik Tok should be in school.

 Mr. Chemnitz, a sixth grade science teacher, thinks that Tik Tok is distracting. Mr. Kline, a sixth grade math teacher, thinks it’s annoying for teachers and students who are trying to work. 

I have some students who gave opinions on the subject as well.  Natalie and her friend Abigail (6th) like Tik Tok and think it should be allowed in schools. Conner (7th), Liam (7th), And Paul (6th) don’t like Tik Tok and do think it should be banned.

Based on the data I have collected, I have made and inference on why people like and dislike Tik Tok in school.  Kids would enjoy Tik Tok because it could be fun in some kids eyes. Adults and kids would not enjoy Tik Tok because it could be distracting while trying to concentrate. Imagine if you are working on a math packet and all you see is a girl standing up and dancing to her friend across the room. Kids would like it because it’s something to do when you are bored and as a fun app overall. 

Do you think TiK Tok should be banned from schools, or should they roam around until another trend pops up? Click this link to show your opinion.

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Are there toxic chemicals in our water?

glass of water with potential toxins from healthyharlem

The public water system is an engineering marvel. Thousands of miles of pipes transport water from aquifers to peoples’ homes. But one question remains: what keeps all this water clean?

The answer is Chlorine.

According to the American Chemistry Council, Jersey City was the first to add chlorine to their public drinking water in 1907. Other cities across the country followed suit. Subsequently, cholera and typhoid fever levels dropped dramatically. This partly led to a 50% increase in lifespan among Americans.

Bacteria, viruses, and parasites often leach into water supplies that are improperly treated to kill germs. Fortunately, these are much better controlled today than they once were, partly due to chlorine disinfection.

However, according to a National Resources Defense Council (NRDC) report, 77 million Americans got drinking water from systems that violated federal protections in 2015. More than a third of these relied on systems that did not comply with standards aimed to protect health. 

But chlorine is not the only thing in tap water. In 2014 in Flint, Michigan, highly toxic levels of the heavy metal, lead, was detected in the city’s water supply. It was a wake-up call for people across the country, who realized that their water was contaminated by lead pipes and faucets.

The NRDC has been working to curb the amount of pollutants in water. You can avoid drinking water that has contaminants by checking if the water in your area is safe.

Something needs to be done.


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A Baseball Manager Dilemma

MLB managers

With the Washington Nationals beating the Houston Astros in 7 games, the entire nation was shocked.



My life sucks.

Don’t ask me how, it just does. From schoolwork to friendships to just about everything else, it’s just a whole mess.

I mean, it’s always been like that. For a couple months, actually. But it feels like forever.

It all started at Jasmine’s end-of-year party last May.

The whole grade was there. Well, there were some kids not there because they had a play, or something else. Music was blasting through speakers. I was just chilling with my friends, Kaitlin and Scarlett. They were chatting animatedly while I stared at Jake, the guy that I had had a crush on since October.

“Come on, Faith.” Scarlett nudged me. “You know you’re too good for that guy.”

More like he’s too good for me, I thought. But all I said was, “I dunno.”

Then Jay walked out of the room to go outside or to the basement.

“Faith,” Kaitlin told me quietly. “Maybe just forget about Jake for a second and focus on, like, having fun. I mean-” she looked at Scarlett for support “-it is the end of school, after all.”

Kaitlin’s words had an effect on me. “Yeah, sure,” I said.

Scarlett smiled. “You guys wanna go outside?”

“Sure,” I said. Kaitlin just smiled and said, “Nah, I’m good. You guys go on ahead.”

Oh boy. That decision may have been the worst I’ve ever made in my entire life.


Scarlett stretched. “Aah, it feels good to be outside. Hey, look at this!”

I looked down, then laughed. “Oh, come on, Scar.”

There was a balloon shaped like a flamingo on the pavement. I knew Scarlett had a sort of passion for corny things.

Scarlett picked the flamingo up. “Oh, this is cool. I’d love to have one of these in my house.”

“Scarlett.” I indicated off towards Jake, who was walking towards us in that weird way he always does, giving us his usual glare.

I heard Scarlett mutter a curse word under her breath. “Great. Just what I needed.”

Wait. Maybe I should explain the stuff with Jake.

For a while now, Jay has been torturing me and Scarlett. Well, it’s not torturing like pinning-you-to-the-wall-and-shoving-a-knife-in-your-face torturing. It’s more like chasing-you-around-like-a-crazy-lunatic-and-threatening-to-kill-you-once-I-reach-you torturing.

Yeah, that’s exactly what it is.

So anyway, Jake was coming towards us. When he reached us, Scarlett and I both said, “What do you want?”

“That’s my balloon,” he growled. Well, he actually said it normally. Never mind about the growling comment.

Scarlett smirked. “Well, it’s mine now- HEY!”

That HEY! was because at that moment, Jake grabbed the balloon and ran off with it.

“Oh, man, that guy is in like HUGE trouble now!” Scarlett cried. “You coming, Faith?” And then she ran off without waiting for an answer.

A second later, Scarlett came running back. She flattened herself against the wall. Jake was whacking her with the flamingo. (Not a pretty sight, by the way. I feel sorry for that flamingo.)

“Hey!” Scarlett squealed. “Don’t whack me, Jake. OW. Heeeeey! Whack Faith instead!”

“What?” I yelled. “Scarlett, what the heck?”

Jake turned to me. He tilted his head. “Actually, I think I won’t whack you, Faith…”

I can’t really describe what my brain was thinking at that moment. It was like DJENJKQEYQDGQDUHQJDQHHQDUHDHUDQW!!!!!!!